- Short Rests take 20 minutes.

- Allies don't provide soft cover to enemies.

- Unearthed Arcana is allowed, but certain archetypes have been changed – Hexblades and Loremasters come to mind.  Consult with me if you have questions about using something from Unearthed Arcana.  In addition, the Artificer class is not an arcane spellcaster – their powers and spells represent scientific advancements.

- You may Delay your entire turn to a later initiative. Splitting up your turn requires use of the Ready action.

- Scrolls can be used automatically if the spell is on your spell list.  If a spell is not on your list you must make either a Religion (for divine casters other than Druids/Rangers), Nature (for druids or rangers), Arcana (for arcane casters) with a DC of 11+ Spell Level.

FIREARMS  - The prices listed here are for areas under the control of the Theocracy only.  Outside the Theocracy and related territories, prices are five times higher.

All firearms are simple weapons.  Firearms have advantage when firing at targets in heavy armor within their short range increment.  Firearms cannot be fired underwater except with the help of magic.  Powder is ruined if it becomes wet, a powder horn or powder keg prevents water from harming powder.

Melee -———————————————————————————————

Bayonet 10 gp  1d4 piercing 1 lb  attachable – a bayonet can be attached to any two handed firearm as a bonus action, increasing its melee damage to 1d8 piercing.

Ranged -——————————————————————————————

Pistol  50 gp    1d10 piercing  3 lb Range 40/120  Ammunition (bullet + powder), firearm, reload (1)

Musket 100 gp  2d8 piercing  10 lb Range 60/180  Ammunition (bullet + powder), firearm, two handed, reload (1)

Revolver 500 gp  2d8 piercing 3 lb Range 60/180 Ammunition (cartridge), firearm, reload (6)

Rifle 1000 gp 2d8 piercing 8 lb Range 120/360 Ammunition (cartridge), firearm, two handed


Bullet (10)  3 gp

Powder (10) 5 gp

Cartridge (10) 20 gp

Powder Horn 10 gp (Holds 40 shots) 3 lb

Powder Keg 25 gp (Holds 200 shots) 30 lb



Firearm Master

Your training with the Theran gunpowder weapons allows you to perform quick reloads, avoid enemy blows in close combat, and effectively wield a firearm in your off hand.

- When wielding a firearm, you may use a bonus action to reload, instead of an action.

- Shooting a firearm at an opponent within 5 feet no longer imposes disadvantage.

- When taking the Attack action and attacking with a one handed weapon, you may attack with a pistol or revolver you are holding as a bonus action.


Allaran Gnooble